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Our Team

Petra Monnartz

Educator / Group Leader / Trainer for Apprentices

I have been working as an educator for 25 years. Originally I am from Germany, but I have been living and working in Switzerland since 2013. I train the apprentices at daycare Island4Kids and I have working experience as a team leader and educational leader. After so many years I still enjoy working with children.

Ana Juric-Kristo

Educator / Group Leader

My name is Ana Juric-Kristo. I grew up in Croatia and I completed my education as a kindergarten teacher in Zagreb. I’m married and I have three grown children. In my free time I like to read, cook and most of all spend time with my family. After gaining lots of experience in childcare, privately and in work life, I’m happy to bring in my skills and knowledge in daycare Island4Kids.

Ylenia Cesta

Educator / Group Leader

2019 Ylenia Cesta finished her training as a child care worker (Fachfrau Betreuung/Fachrichtung Kind). Prior to starting at Island4Kids she worked at a Montessori kindergarten for two and a half years, gaining experience with younger children.

Alessandra Guitto

Educator, specialised in Montessori pedagogy / Group Leader

Alessandra Guitto grew up in Italy, Lake Como. After a training in social work, she did a bachelor’s degree in educational science and a master’s degree in psychomotor skills. In Italy she worked as a childcare educator for several years and also in different social-educational branches. In 2017 she moved to Switzerland with her husband, and in 2019 her daughter Amalia was born. In Switzerland, she did a training in Montessori pedagogy and worked as Montessori educator in a bilingual (German/Italian) daycare. She loves traveling, cooking, doing art and hiking in the mountains.

Marcia Estevam

Marcia was born in Portugal and moved to Switzerland in 2014. In 2016 she finished high school and decided to do an extra school year to improve her German skills. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, and also in German. In August 2018 started the apprenticeship at Island4Kids, to be an educator.

Katerina Tokidou

Katerina Tokidou grew up in Greece. Later she lived in Germany, where she graduated from school. In 2017 she completed her training as a flight attendant. Today Katerina lives in Switzerland and is an intern in Island4Kids.

Laura Palazzo


Laura was born and raised in Switzerland and she is fluent in German and Italian. She did one year of internship in Island4Kids. Laura started her apprenticeship in summer 2020.

Edin Crncalo


Edin is born in Switzerland and he grew up here. His family is bosnian and migrated to Switzerland in the 80`s. Edin finished school in 2017 and works as Island4Kids. In August 2018 he started the apprenticeship at Island4Kids.

Simona Betschart


Because of her passion for classical singing, Simona decided to attend “Fachmittelschule”, with the focus on music. In summer of 2020 she successfully completed school. Since Simona is enthusiastic about working with children she decided to do an internship in childcare, and has been part of the Island4Kids team since August 2020.