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Price Regulations

(valid from 01.09.2020)
Registration fee: 300 CHF after signing of the Contract (not refundable)

Childcare costs/month:

The monthly rate for 100% childcare service is 2800 CHF.

For siblings we apply a fee reduction of 20%, which applies on the childcare costs for the second and third child.

For babies (children younger than 18 month) the price is 400Chf higher than the price for children.

Childcare time in days Childcare time in % Children up to 18 months
Prices in CHF
Children older than 18 months
Prices in CHF
2 40% 1520 1120
2.5 50% 1800 1400
3 60% 2080 1680
3.5 70% 2360 1960
4 80% 2640 2240
4.5 90% 2920 2520
5 100% 3200 2800

The child care time can be availed in full or half days. The morning child care ends 1 pm. For extra care time after the official pick up time for half day care we charge 10 Chf / 30 minutes. Example: A child that stays until 1.30 pm (official pick up time is 1pm) pays 10 Chf extra.

The fee for the introduction period is 20CHF/hour and it lasts 10 days. The minimum attendance is 40% (=2 full days, or 4 half days).

For an additional half-day childcare for children older than 18 months we charge 90 CHF or 120 CHF for children younger than 18 months. For the additional full day childcare we charge 130 CHF i.e. 160 CHF.

The costs incurred for the additional activities (such as dancing lessons) we shall charge monthly rates which can vary according to the activities offered. It refers to optional additional activities which take place during the childcare time.

The monthly rates have to be paid every month, also while daycare is closed (summer and winter holidays). In case of absence of the child (vacation, illness, accident) the full monthly fee shall be paid (reimbursement is not possible).

Service range:
For children older than 18 months: Z’nüni, Z’vieri, lunch, dental hygiene products, regular excursions, craft and playing materials, festivities for children and parents.
For children up to 18 months: Nappies and baby meals (if necessary) must be provided by parents.